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Our free online grammar checker and writing analyzer checks for embarrassing grammar mistakes, spelling errors, clichés, word choice, grade level of writing, and sentence quality while providing text analysis of your writing. Find, highlight, and remove mistakes in your English language text using Grammar Widget™. Counts words and characters too.

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What Does this Free Online Grammar Tool do?

Grammar Widget performs the following tasks: checks spelling and embarrassing grammar mistakes, checks the grade level of the vocabulary in your writing, finds clichés, finds overused words, counts all words including unique words, counts characters, counts sentences and paragraphs, count lines, provides word frequency statistics, and identifies the number of each letter in your text. We are currently working on a grammar algorithm that will focus on grammar related items. We will continue to complement the features of this free online writing tool.

Why is Good Grammar Important?

People often cringe when writers or others act like the "Grammar Police." However, this tells you much about the importance of grammar and the lasting impression words can make on others. Frankly, poor grammar makes a person look uneducated and many people like pointing this out. That may seem harsh, but intelligence and a high level of education have always been associated with proper grammar usage and word choice.

Two Reasons to Improve Your Grammar

Grammar facilities efficient communication. Without a shared set of rules, people will have a tough time understanding other people. For example, imagine the difficulty of interpreting a written passage when there is no agreement on which punctuation marks mean what. Imagine if the agreed upon use of punctuation marks or subject and verb agreement had not been established throughout the centuries. Theoretically, people could still interpret written information without these syntax rules, but it would be both complicated and time-consuming, thus making inter-personal interaction much more challenging.

Grammar is essential for people who want to make the right impression on others. On the most fundamental level, someone who makes grammatical mistakes will be seen as careless or worse, uneducated. This perception will come with a lowering of trust in their capabilities. Conversely, this suggests that someone with excellent command and understanding of grammar can use it to persuade others, which can be especially crucial for ones in the secular business world, authors who are writing literature (novels, poetry, research papers), and other examples of the mature and refined writings.

What is Grammar?

Grammar is a set of established rules by which people use words, phrases, and sentences (otherwise known as syntax) to facilitates understanding within a language. To some extent, grammar syntax seems to be instinctual because most people pick up the rules of their first language by observing those around them. However, an instinctual understanding of grammar can be polished with formal education, thus making for better comprehension. Good knowledge of grammar is one of the most critical skills that a person can have. This statement is supported by how often grammar has been one of the fundamental lessons taught to students since ancient times.

Word Counter Results

Grammar Widget's word counter tool analyzes your text and provides a comprehensive report. It is a word counter, character counter, and sentence counter. This free tool also records word frequency and letter frequency.

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